Scandinavia Museum Retail Tour | summer 2019

It’s time for a brand new tour: To the north!

Minimalist, functional and light – Scandinavian design is hot! It’s time to experience the North. On Thursday 15 and Friday 16 August we will explore the world of Scandinavian design & museum retail during our brand new Scandinavian Museum Retail Tour. Are you coming with us?

During the Tour we will visit interior and design country Formland and we will visit several inspiring locations in the trend city of Copenhagen. We will meet experts, colleagues, designers and potential suppliers.

Formland: the fair for Scandinavian interior & design

On the Danish peninsula of Jutland, the Formland trade fair takes place twice a year, which has been the fair for Scandinavian design for 35 years. At Formland, you’ll find new brands, products and collections and gain insight into lifestyle, design and style trends. Meet exhibitors, designers, experts and stylists; get inspired and strengthen your network!

Trendy & historic: Copenhagen

In Copenhagen we discover how hip and historic blend seamlessly into one another. Stroll through upcoming neighborhoods and find inspiration in beautiful museums and fancy design shops. Of course, we also talk to our colleagues from various museum shops in this European trend city – we can learn a lot from the fashion-forward Danes!

Kommer du? (Will you join us?)

The Scandinavian Museum Retail Tour is for anyone who loves museums and museum shops, wants to be inspired and meet colleagues. Our participants recognise themselves in one of the following profiles:

  • You work for a museum shop, for example as a buyer, a visual merchandizer or manager and/or
  • You design or produce special products and/or
  • You are looking for commercial support for your cultural productions and/or
  • You want to connect your company more with art, culture and/or history.


Thursday, August 15:

  • Visit to design and interior design fair Formland,
  • Welcome by the design fair organization and
  • Meetings with designers
  • Transport by mini-bus to Copenhagen
  • Lunch and dinner

Friday, 16 August:

A full day in which we visit several adresses; in the museum shops we will talk to the managers, the visual merchandizers and /or buyers. The working languages are English and Dutch. 

  • Natural History Museum of Denmark, welcome and hosted by Anne-Marie Hoogerwerf, Head of Commercial Activity. Visit to Botanical and geological museum shops.
  • National Museum of Denmark, in conversation with Berit Heine, Buying Manager, Marketing Decorator about making choices in the museum shop.
  • Lunch in National Museum of Denmark with trend presentation on Vikings by Anna Borsboom from Stylink.
  • Tortus, shop ceramist and founding father Eric Landon
  • Museum Gyptoteket with coffee in Hay café
  • Statens Museum for Kunst, reception in the museum shop by Franz Folke Hansson

Costs for the program, including local transport, entrance fees, coffee, 1 x lunch, 1 x dinner and 1 x Smorgasbrød: € 595 (ex VAT).

Flights and accommodation can be arranged through Jan Vos from travel consultancy Vos Van Loon & Partners.

The trip

Together we will fly to Jutland early on Thursday 15 August with KLM. From the airport we will go directly to Formland. In the evening we’ll travel by minibus to Copenhagen. On Friday 16 August we’ll have a busy program ahead of us in the Danish capital. Afterwards there is a direct return flight to Amsterdam. Of course you can also stay for the weekend!

Sign up!

The good news: There are still a few spots available at the SMRT! Interested? Call or mail us for all your questions.

Scandinavian Museum Retail Tour is a joint initiative of Ellen Groenveld (Culture & Retail) and Anna Borsboom (Stylink).

Special thanks to Frederik Fabricius from BARC Scandinavia for making it all possible.